Private Jet Charter from Dallas to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a luxury retreat for the snowbirds from Canada and the United States for many years now, and it had now become the foremost destination of the soul searching eco-tourists and the wannabe surfers trying to catch a small wave off Roca Bruja. Easily accessible and crime-free, this rain forest nation has now become the go-to destination for the tired and the weary who are seeking Yogic salvation but with the vibes of Mykonos, Greece. Icarus air charter broker provides aircraft from Light Jets, Mid-Size to Heavy Jets, Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. From Dallas Fort worth to Costa Rica jet charter are an easy-breezy 3 hours and 40 minutes flight on any private jet rental, and we recommend that the charter flight is scheduled for an early morning departure to land just past noon in San Jose Juan Santamaria International Airport. On flights from Dallas to Costa Rica, early day-light arrival will give travelers a safer journey on the highways and also provide the opportunity to enjoy a walk on the beach with the time left for the day. Arriving on your own schedule is one of the many advantages of a private flight on air carriers.

Costa Rica

Fly with a private jet to Cost Rica

Costa Rica is one of the only two nations in the world that does not have a standing army. The greeting of Pura Vida (pure life) is one of a kind, and it connotes pure and simple life where mother nature is respected and cared for by its people. From Volcanoes to beaches to the rain forest, the respect for its preservation and providing for eco-tourism without causing any damage to the fragile ecosystem has made Costa Rica a prime destination as it offers safe and effective but sustainable tourism. Flying in a private jet charter to San Jose, Costa Rica gives you two choices of international airports. San Jose Juan Santamaria and Liberia Daniel Oduber Quiros International airport. These two airports serve most air charter services in Costa Rica from Dallas and most airports in North America.

For private jet to Costa Rica, San Jose Airport is closer to the resort town of Los Suenos, and it is a perfect airport distance-wise for Costa Rican national parks and it takes about an hour’s drive to get to the Marina in Los Suenos. Liberia Airport, on the other hand, is on the Pacific side closer to Guanacaste. The choice of the airport between the two depends upon what hotel or Villa you have booked for your vacation. We can discuss the airports for your jet charter to Costa Rica on your charter routes.

Fly with a private jet to Cost Rica

Costa Rica perfect destination for a family vacation

Heaven on earth devoid of pollution and abysmal destruction of nature by tourism one couldn’t ask for a better country to vacation in. It is safe for children and the elderly alike, and the vacation automatically becomes educational with the presence of wildlife in the rain forest. The mare site of a sloth or a monkey sets the children and the adults in awe of all things that the rain forest has to offer. Big game fishing and surfing have both become the ultimate sport for the vacationers, and hooking a blue marlin or a sailfish is an ultimate joy to be had by the whole family. Hiking the Volcano and zip-lining through the rainforest gives the entire family a much-needed break from the technology-laden teenagers a break, and camaraderie is strengthened within the family and friends. A private charter from Dallas to Costa Rica gives you a comfortable flight into this unspoiled rain forest full of adventures.

Jet Charter Rates From Dallas To Costa Rica- Request a Quote

Citation XLS– 45000 USD for a round trip.

With a stand-up cabin and a lavatory and a galley, this aircraft also makes for a comfortable 6 hours coast to coast flight. Club seating with a Divan in the back, it makes for a wonderfully accommodating eight-seat airplane.

Hawker 850XP– 45000 USD for a round trip.

This mid-size jet can seat eight passengers and comes with a very small galley with snacks and drinks. The lavatory is well-equipped with a sink, cabinets and it is almost a stand-up cabin.

Challenger 350– 55000 USD for a round trip.

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