Citation Latitude – Private Aircraft Charter

Cessna answered the call of its clients for a Mid-size that did it all; carried eight passengers and all their luggage, had a short field performance yet went far, and it was a cabin wide enough to relax without being a human contortionist. Citation Latitude is aa 2700 NM aircraft capable of carrying eight passengers in the comfort of its full cabin.

Citation Latitude Aircraft specifications

  • 9 comfortable seats for passengers
  • Wifi and other entertainment packages
  • An enclosed lavatory with sink and mirrors
  • 2700 NM flight range
  • Maximum cruise speed 446 kts
  • 1200 lbs (545 kgs) payload

Other Aircraft Comparable To The Citation Latitude Are

Hawker 800
Embraer 450/500
Please contact us at +1-888-277-7203 to book a Citation Latitude airplane for your next jet charter.

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