Dubai to Jeddah Jet Charter

Dec 16, 2019

Private plane charter between Dubai and Jeddah

The flight time between Dubai and Jeddah is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Dubai to Jeddah is one of the most frequent routes between these two cities. Icarus Jet can depart within 6 hours of scheduling a private aircraft to Jeddah as the Saudi landing permits take a few hours for approval. The call-out time for the crew members and to have the airplane ready for departure takes about 3 hours.


Jeddah is a holy city, and it is essential in many aspects. Pilgrims from around the World throng to Jeddah as this is the gateway to Mecca. The cost of a private aircraft rate from Dubai to Jeddah is around 20000 USD for a one-way dropoff. Icarus Jet can curate aircraft that fits your needs from a Light Jet to a Super Mid-size or a Mid-size jet. Please call us at +1 8882777203 to speak with a Jet charter analyst.

Icarus Jet charter curates aircraft that are safety audited, and where applicable, we use ARGUS, and WYVERN checked operators only.

Jet Charter Rates From Dubai to Jeddah

Hawker 400XP– 17900 USD

A widely used light jet that can comfortably seat four passengers, although it has the capacity for six people and two crew members. Hawker 400XP is a versatile aircraft that has proven safety standards and dispatch reliability.

Falcon 900 DX– 21000 USD

The three-engine marvel by Dassault. Safety and size for the comfort of three-engines. Falon 900 is genuinely the airforce-one of the private aircraft. Carry 12 passengers with comfortable and cruise real fast to your destination.

Challenger 605– 21000 USD

The widest cabin in its class with a full galley to provide the real comfort of a wide cabin aircraft. Load up on luggage and carry a passenger count of 10 easily to your destinations.

Legacy 600– 26000 USD

A great Embraer manufactured airplanes with wide cabins and sleepers for six passengers. Large lavatories and full galley with entertainment package. One can take ten passengers on their 8-hour trips comfortably.

Private Jet Airports In Dubai

Dubai International is the main airport in Dubai, UAE. Still, the city of Dubai is also served by a smaller Dubai Al Maktoum Airport, which is more convenient for private jet travel for slots and parking. Please contact the Icarus Jet charter for the best options in Dubai for your arrival airport choices.

Private Jet Airports in Jeddah

Jeddah Airport is a modern airport with all facilities available for General aviation aircraft. It is served with multiple runways and a private ramp for private aviation. The airport is 25 minutes away from the city, and it is open 24-7.

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