Dubai World Cup Private Jet Charter

Jan 31, 2024

Dubai is not just a place in the Middle East; it is the place to be. Where dunes meet skyscrapers, the city is the setting for any sci-fi story. It hosts major events annually and is often dubbed the Manhattan of the region. Private jet charter to Dubai has seen an increment of 15% due to the recent COP28 conference. But now, futuristic equestrian excitement is around the corner as the Dubai World Cup edges close.

Since 1996 and with previous edition performances from notable artists like Jennifer Lopez, Sia, and Christina Aguillera, the Dubai WC is one of the world’s most recent horse racing competitions. The latest Japanese winner, Ushba Tesoro, secured a 12 million dollar win last year. Since 2010, the horses have been running at the Meydan Racecourse with an accommodation capacity of 60,000 audience members. This UAE urban hub’s WC is the world’s richest horserace, with the day also sporting eight other races the same day. The total awards cumulate to over 30 million dollars in 2024.

When Is The Dubai World Cup 2024?

The event is set to begin towards the end of the month on March 30th. The doors open for entry at 1 pm. On the 29th, you can go for a sneak peek soirée featuring the famed Italian jockey Frankie Dettori.

Dubai Jet Charter Prices 2024

The cost of a private jet charter to Dubai varies with jet specifications and passengers on board. Here is a list of popular jet charter routes to Dubai on a standard mid-size cabin Learjet 60 with a capacity for eight passengers and two crew members:

  • Cairo: $39,800 for 3.25 hours of flying.
  • Riyadh: $24,600 for a 2-hour charter.
  • Doha: $39,000 for 1.25 hours in the air.
  • Beirut: $38,800 for 3.5 hours of aircraft rental.
  • Muscat: $19,000 for 1.25 hours airborne.

For other routes, including pickup locations in North America, Europe, and Africa, contact our charter agents at +1 888 277 7203 or email us your personalized location/destination at

How Do I Get To The Dubai World Cup?

The city has two premier airports – Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). These airports are vital gateways to the Middle East and connect the city to destinations worldwide. Dubai International Airport boasts world-class facilities in the center of the urban area. On the other hand, Al Maktoum International Airport is strategically located in Jebel

 Ali and focuses on individual passenger and cargo services. 

1. AL MAKTOUM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Dubai World Central, also known as DWC, is a remarkable airport located just 35 minutes away from the Meydan Grandstand. It offers ample parking space and lower fees, making it a cost-effective option for aviation businesses. For instance, the landing fee for a jet like Learjet 60 averages 30 USD, and parking is free for the first 6 hours. DWC has specialized facilities to make private jet travel more comfortable and reduce operational costs. 

However, DWC is not just your ordinary airport – it’s a game-changer in the aviation industry. With one of the world’s longest runways, it can accommodate massive Airbus planes and aircraft of all sizes. It is not just an airport – but a city within a city, with an integrated Cargo Village that simplifies logistics and distribution. As an essential part of Dubai South, DWC plays a crucial role in the city’s long-term vision.

2. DUBAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: The route from DXB to Meydan Racecourse is often bogged down with traffic, making the short distance a 30-minute drive. The airport notably boasts the world’s largest terminal and two exceptional FBOs on the perimeter. However, landing fees are significantly higher (per ton) here, and during specific peak hours of operation, the airport applies a 50% premium on aircraft slots. No wonder this airport is one of the busiest international traffic hubs on the map.

3. SHARJAH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Venturing into Sharjah, there’s SHJ within an hour’s proximity to the event venue. The landing fee is also higher here, with a flat rate of around 125 USD (dependent on the exchange rate of 600 AED) for small aircraft. The first 6 hours of parking are free of charge here, with $30 per day afterward. It is a good option for an alternative airport near the Emirati metropolis.

Dubai Jet Charter Aircraft Available

Indulge in the epitome of privacy and safety with Icarus Jet’s top-notch private jet charter services in Dubai, available at your beck and call within three hours. Take your pick from our array of exquisite aircraft, ranging from the world’s most advanced light aircraft to the fully equipped luxurious ultra-long-range aircraft. Our fleet guarantees a private and safe voyage every time. 

Our services span global destinations, and Dubai jet charter is just one of them. We offer jet charters to Dallas, Cairo, London, and Paris – to name a few. Let Icarus Jet provide you with the ultimate air travel experience as an ode to our commitment to privacy, safety, and excellent service. 

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