Flight Planning Services in Saudi Arabia: What You Need to Know

Apr 7, 2023

Flight planning services are used worldwide by pilots and operators to plan the route, altitude, and fuel requirements for a flight, with the ultimate goal to optimize their operations for safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These services usually provide information on weather conditions, air traffic control, airport facilities, and other factors that can affect the flight.

While flight planning services are usually standard, there are some countries with stricter guidelines for operations and one of those is Saudi Arabia. From a trip support company perspective, with a highly specialized group of professionals offering flight planning services, one of the main challenges is staying on top of the region-specific NOTAMs which are checked every time a flight is dispatched, something different when arranging flight planning to other nations.

Flight Planning Services in Saudi Arabia

Flight planning consists of a wide array of services that allow crews to maximize the operations and the safety of all involved parties, while also defining the most efficient routes for the flight. This point is relevant when planning a trip to Saudi Arabia as the local aviation authority is very strict with their preferred routings. Our team has been working with local authorities for years and understands which is the safest way to operate a private flight in Saudi Arabian airspace.

Regularly offered flight operations services in Saudi Arabia are runway analysis, weight and balance examination, fuel performance calculations, worldwide satellite imagery and route weather briefings, and automatic alerts for curfew, stage restrictions, and peak hour advisements, among many others. 

Flight Planning Services in Saudi Arabia

In the case of Saudi Arabia, pilots must also know that there are many restrictions on what they can bring to the country, as well as considering that the lead time on landing permits is 24 hours – shorter timeframes will depend on the officer-on-duty to approve the flight, while slots are also required. Trusting a company with a track record of flight planning experience in the country is the only way to secure a seamless flight considering the special requests imposed by the local aviation authority.

Benefits of Flight Planning Services in Saudi Arabia

Safety is a critical aspect of flight planning services, and all reputable providers prioritize this aspect in their operations. Furthermore, an outcome of safer coordination is a more efficient planning process and the likelihood of saving costs in fuel thanks to pre-established relationships with local vendors. The latter is specifically one of the benefits of choosing Icarus Jet as your next trip support company; with bulk purchases from multiple sources, we guarantee an annual rate reduction of 3-7%.

For Saudi Arabia specifically, the main benefits of flight planning services are an improved understanding of what it entails to fly in the region from a safety perspective while having access to highly specialized information beforehand, like knowing that some terminals in the country are not an airport of entry, or have no customs officer on-site, although this may be arranged depending on the lead-time, receiving party, and the cost. 

How to Choose the Right Flight Planning Service in Saudi Arabia 

The main factor to consider when arranging flight safety services in Saudi Arabia is to ensure that the flight coordination provider can walk the talk. That knowledge is a result of the work of highly experienced and trained personnel, building active relationships with crews and aviation authorities in Saudi Arabia. A generic approach to providing flight planning services will not get the job done when operating in Saudi Arabia because many imposing restrictions are not common when flying to other countries.

For instance, it is widely known that weather is generally nice in the region, yet did you know that when sandstorms come into the scene flight plans must change? Or that special approval will be required for pilots needing to stay in the country for over 72 hours? A reputable and experienced flight planning company like Icarus Jet accounts for all these variables while minimizing uncertainties throughout the process.


Overall, flight planning services play a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of aviation operations, and pilots and operators rely on these services to plan and execute their flights with confidence. These services typically offer a range of tools and resources that help pilots plan and execute safe and efficient flights, and, in the case of Saudi Arabia, it provides them with highly specialized information on how to operate a seamless trip – from the documentation to fly in Saudi Arabian airspace to how to improve communication with local air traffic control.

Saudi Arabia has very specific operating conditions, with preferred routings and everchanging NOTAMs that must be checked every time a flight is dispatched. Furthermore, there are specific restrictions on what passengers and crews can bring to the country while some airports have no customs officer on-site. All these potential barriers can be overcome with the specialized advice and guidance of a professional flight planning company like Icarus Jet, which has years of knowledge and experience supporting operations in Saudi Arabia.

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