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Private Jet Charter Prices To/From Dubai

CityTo/FromOne-Way Price Estimate ($)


(OMDB Dubai International Airport)



(OMDB Dubai International Airport)



(OMDW Dubai Al Maktoum airport)



(OMDB Dubai International Airport)



(OMDB Dubai International Airport)



(OMDB Dubai International Airport)



(OMDW Dubai Al Maktoum airport)

Mahe Island$57000

Dubai has gained a reputation as a luxurious hub in a globalized world; with skyscrapers that seem to touch the sky and haute couture that rivals the runways of Paris, Milan, and NYC, Mumbai, London, with attractions so opulent that renaissance in a modern city is made to seem available to all.

Flying to and from Dubai on a private jet is convenient given the standard of luxury for the UAE destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Rask El Khaimah, where getting around on a private jet is just another way to travel comfortably.

With decades in the aviation industry, we bring our clients a vision of safety, privacy, and service. Our Private Jet services company culture is set on integrity, efficiency, and reliability principles. Elegance and prestige in international private air transport are just a by-product of our company’s culture. We are represented on all continents, in cities such as Cairo, Jeddah, Riyadh, Muscat, Kuwait, Istanbul, Athens, Mumbai, and London. Icarus Jet manages short and medium-long haul flights to destinations all over the world.

By combining decades of experience with professionals passionate about aviation, travel, and cultures of every continent, we are more human and less technological. Icarus Jet has its mission and vision set for the success of each itinerary of its clients.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet to or from Dubai?

The glitz and glam of Dubai are unparalleled and worth the visit, but it makes private jet travel a very high ticket item. Regardless of the purpose of travel, It is hard to find a cost-effective private jet charter due to the limited availability of light and medium jets like in the USA or the EU. Icarus Jet offers you the tailor-made rental of your private jet at the best price possible, typically at 3-5% lower than the competition.

You can find the most cost-effective jet charter rates on Icarus Jet by searching for the aircraft charter flying to Dubai. Icarus Jet connects you directly with hundreds of full-service and safest aircraft operators to provide you with the best selection of luxury flights and give you the ability to compare bookings on light easily, medium, and heavy airplanes with flights to Dubai.

Please ask for a quote indicating the departure and arrival airports. We will curate the private jets that best suit your needs.

Last Minute Private Jet From Dubai

If you are ever in need of a last-minute private jet journey, please know that Icarus jet has access to many Aircraft that are take-off ready within 4 hours of the call out. Please call our direct number at +1-888-277-7203 and we will make sure that a suitable airplane is ready for you. Please see below some of the most frequented routes from Dubai.

Dubai Airports within 50 Miles

OMDBDubai Intl AirportDXB, Dubai
OMSJSharjah Intl AirportSHJ, Sharjah
OMRKRas Al Khaimah Intl AirportRKT
OMFJFujairah Intl AirportFJR, Fujairah
OMAAAbu Dhabi Intl AirportAUH, Abu Dhabi
OMADAL Bateen AirportAbu Dhabi

Dubai Jet Charter

Tourism in Dubai is simply astounding and mesmerizing! Dubai is a hub, a hub for Banking, Business, Aviation, Fashion and it has set out to be a multi-ethnic melting pot. Icarus Jet offers thee following Cabin class of aircraft from Dubai. Very Light Jets, Light JetsMid-sizeSuper-Midsize, and Heavy Jets.

Private Jet Charter Available within 3 Hours of a callout – Dubai

To arrange your private jet charter services for Dubai, please call +1 888 277 7203 or email us at

General FAQs:

What is the estimated cost of a private jet to Dubai?

The cost varies (between $25000 to $ 150000) according to your location, route, the type of aircraft, and the number of passengers that will be accommodated on board. Contact Icarus Jet without obligation to find out the price of a flight.

How often do private jets fly to Dubai?

When you are looking to reserve a private jet, there is no better option than Icarus Jet. The most elite private jet options are available no matter the time or day of the week. With Icarus Jet, you can also book your private jets 3-4 hours in advance. We are the leaders in secure transactions and the safest private jets, guaranteeing to meet all your travel expectations.

What is the best time to book a flight on a private jet?

The right time to book a private jet depends mainly on your personal or business schedule and the annual flight hours you usually fly. Before you book, you should do a cost analysis to determine whether traveling for business or leisure, renting now, or buying the jet charter later is your most financially sound decision.

How long does it take to fly from Washington, DC, to Dubai?

There is a distance of around 11332 km between Dubai and Washington, DC. 14h 30min is the average flight time from Dubai to Washington, DC.

Want to Fly on a Private Jet to Dubai?

You can book private jets to Dubai from almost all the major airlines like Cairo, Jeddah, Riyadh, Muscat, Kuwait, Istanbul, Athens, Mumbai, and London with Icarus Jet.

What are the qualifications of your pilots and crew?

All our pilots are licensed and have an instrument rating. They are now highly experienced and undergo recurrent training. Additionally, our crew members are trained in emergency procedures.

How can I book a private jet charter with Icarus Jet?

Once you’ve confirmed your flight details for a private jet to Dubai and received a quote, our team manages all aspects of your journey. From flight planning to catering, ground transportation, and any other special requests, we’ve got you covered.

What is Icarus Jet and what services do you offer?

Icarus Jet is a private jet charter company providing tailored aviation solutions worldwide. Our services include on-demand charter, aircraft management, jet fuel, and pilot & crew trip support services.

What are the benefits of chartering a private jet with Icarus Jet?

Chartering with Icarus Jet offers three unique benefits that fit the privacy and safety of the general aviation flyer. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive rates, flying to an extensive array of destinations covering virtually every corner of the globe, and delivering personalized service that leaves a lasting impression.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet to Dubai with Icarus Jet?
  • The cost varies depending on destination and aircraft type. For example, a light jet from Muscat to Dubai costs $19,000 but from Cairo, it can be around $39,000. To get a personalized quote, email us with your destination and jet requirements at
How can I get a quote for a private jet charter to Dubai?

You can request a quote through our website forms, by phone, or by email. Provide details such as departure location, dates, passenger count, and specific requirements. You can reach us at +1 888 277 7203 or

What is your safety policy?

Safety is our top priority. Our aircraft operators undergo audits by Wyvern and ARGUS, ensuring compliance with the highest safety protocols. Additionally, all our operators follow FAA guidelines for safety checks and crew training.

What types of jets do you have available?

Some models included in our fleet are the Learjet 35, Hawker 850 XP, and Citation Sovereign 680. We have a diverse fleet of aircraft, including light jets, midsize jets, super midsize jets, and heavy jets.

FAQs about the Booking Process:

What information do I need to provide to get a quote?

We typically require details such as departure and destination airports, travel dates, passenger count, and any special requirements to receive an accurate quote.

How far in advance do I need to book my flight?

Icarus Jet can get you a plane chartered under 3 hours in Dubai. While we can accommodate last-minute requests, we recommend booking 3 weeks in advance to secure your preferred aircraft.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept either wire transfers, credit cards, or cheques.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy varies depending on the time of cancellation. Contact our agents at +1 888 277 7203 for details.

Can I make changes to my booking after it is confirmed?

Yes, we understand that plans can change. There may be additional charges for such changes.

FAQs about the Flight Experience:

What amenities are available on your jets?

Our jets are equipped with amenities such as luxurious seating, entertainment systems, Wi-Fi, spacious cabins, and snack galleys. Many of these depend on the type of aircraft you charter.

Can I bring my pets on my flight?

Certainly! We happily accommodate pets onboard. However, some locations have certain laws in place. Kindly inform us in advance so we can arrange everything prior.

What is the baggage allowance?

Baggage allowance varies depending on the aircraft type. Midsize jets can accommodate 5-7 suitcases. In most cases, you may bring a wheeled bag and a hand carry per person.

What is the catering like on your flights?

We provide tailored catering choices designed to match your tastes. Request our menu and simply share your preferences with us, and we’ll ensure everything is arranged to your liking.

What happens if my flight is delayed or canceled?

Our flights have a proven track record of delivering on time. After all, schedule matters most for our travelers. Rest assured, we are prepared for such events and have a list of alternatives on hand.



We do a lot of business over in Europe for the summer. It was great to have a U.S. Staff present during off-European hours to communicate with. The staff communicates clearly, concisely, and includes multiple team members so that there’s redundancy at all times. I couldn’t more highly recommend these guys.

Matthew winer

Great team, eager to provide adequate service, and highly motivated. I have been in contact with Icarus since it inception. The company culture is adopts diversity and an International outlook that meets the requirement of corporate aviation worldwide. I see it as a company that will go places in the next 5 years, provides excellent service and options tailored to individual client needs. With a proper exposure campaign Icarus will stand out and claim its rightful market share.

Dean Itani

An Efficient and Reliable Service Provider, ICARUS has been providing flight planning services to our operations for about a year now and during the period they have proven to be very efficient, reliable and consistent. I think this is what every customer expect from a service provider. ICARUS will always meet your expectations and go the extra mile to ensure a safe and hitch free operations.


Icarus Jet Team

Our dedicated Aircraft support team is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Kevin Singh

Kevin Singh

Snoop Icarus Jet


Vice President Charter Operations

Jean Cruz

Jean Cruz

Managing Director of Trip Support

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