How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Jet

Dec 16, 2019

The cost-per-hour of a Private Jet Rental

Private jet charter has costs associated with its operation, which are the sum of its direct and indirect operating costs. Private aviation is different, mostly because most of us know aviation through our experience with the airlines where the ticket prices are purchased online and are mostly set but do differ during busy seasons and popular destinations. The cost associated with the operation of a general aviation aircraft mostly depends upon its most significant variable; jet fuel, which is almost 35% of the operating cost. Jet charter is quoted on the total flight time from departure to destination. Let’s look at some of the variables that contribute to the hourly fees charged in the United States per hour on different cabin sizes.

1- Jet Fuel rates vary from airport to airport. For example, the jet fuel rates are twice as high in the Islands of Hawaii than the mainland USA.
2- Airport parking fees and ramp fees also differ from airport to airport and are considerably higher in Europe than in the USA. Parking per hour in London City airport is 150 GBP per hour.
3- Crew Transportation and accommodation expenses can go from a few hundred dollars a day to thousands of dollars if chartered aircraft is in Monaco for the Formula 1 weekend.
4- De-Icing process can add thousands of dollars to the quote after the trip is over. It mainly depends upon the weather and if the icing conditions exist.

Are you thinking about chartering a Jet?

Private Jet Charter

It all comes down to the affordability factor, which is a universal habit of thinking when the jet rental quotes are in tens of thousands of dollars. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal, but what about the fact that a private jet charter will bring you home hours earlier or the fact that you can work and travel in absolute privacy while cruising at altitude? It is being able to bring your car directly to the door of the aircraft and boarding on your own time, arriving at a smaller airport closer to your destination than, for example, landing at JFK airport and then fighting traffic to Manhattan in the dead of winter. Time is money, and time is finite. A private jet has nothing to do with luxury unless time is the luxury that you are trying to save by spending those hours with your loved ones instead of at the airport terminal staring at a cancelled flight. To arrange your private jet charter services, please call +1 888 277 7203 or email us You may also request a private jet charter quote by clicking here.

What is the hourly private jet cost of a light Jet?

light jet

The most versatile and highest concentration of aircraft on any given airport in the World. They are small, nimble, and have the lowest operating cost. They are cheaper than most cabin size aircraft but have a limitation on the number of passengers they can carry and the distance that they can fly. The Light Jet Aircraft usually have a range of 3 hours to 4 hours of total flight time. They carry about 4 to 6 passengers, but they do not have the luxury of ample space to fly all six passengers without feeling the lack of space. For example, a Citation CJ3 will cost approximately 7000 USD from the Dallas Love to Houston Hobby airport for a round trip. Some of the most popular Light jets are listed below.

Phenom 100 Price per hour 3000 USD Range: 1300 Statute Miles Passengers: Seven
Phenom 300 Price per hour 4200 USD Range: 2100 Statute Miles Passengers: Six
Citation CJ3 Price per hour 3000 USD Range: 2040 NM Passengers: Nine
Hawker 400XP Price per hour 3500 USD Range: 1500 NM Passengers: Nine

What is the hourly cost of a super mid-size jet charter?

super mid size airplane

Once the general aviation fairy has cast a spell, most people do not have an aircraft big enough to carry all their friends and families around. This is where an upgrade in the cabin size becomes useful. The Super-mid size Aircraft can fly up to six hours, and it can easily carry up to eight but max capacity of ten passengers. It has a small private lavatory and plenty of space for passengers to be able to relax in comfort. The super mid-size aircraft can cost upwards of 6000 USD per hour. For example, a flight from Cairo Airport in Egypt to Dubai airport in the UAE will cost you approximately 26000 USD for a round trip in a Hawker 850 XP Aircraft.

Super- Mid Size jets and their rates per hour

Legacy 600 Price per hour 6000 USD Range: 3000 NM Passengers: Twelve
G 200 Price per hour 6000 USD Range: 3400 NM Passengers: Nine
Falcon 50 Price per hour 5500 USD Range:3000 NM Passengers: Nine
Hawker 850 XP Price per hour 4500 USD Range:2530 NM Passengers: Eight

What is the hourly cost of a Heavy Jet?

Heavy Jets are both a flying office and a home away from home. Most of the heavy Jets are owned by large fortune 50-100 and above corporations. They are the most expensive aircraft by the hour. With 10 hours plus range to a maximum of 14 hours, the new heavy jets keep adding another notch in their belt for their performance with the addition of Global 7000 and the Gulfstream 700. A heavy jets performance is unparalleled even when compared to some of the massive airliners like the Boeing 777. City pairs like London-Mumbai or New York- Moscow, Dulles to Doha, were done in record time by the G650. A one way charter in a G650 from Cairo International airport to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey will cost 110000 USD for a one-way flight.

Heavy Jets and their rates per hour

G550 Price per hour 8000 USD Range: 6750 NM Passengers: Fourteen
G450 Price per hour 7500 USD Tange: 4350 NM Passengers: Fourteen
G650 Price per hour 9500 USD Range: 7500 NM Passengers: Fourteen
Falcon 7X Price per hour 8500 USD Range: 5800 NM Passengers-Twelve

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Written By – Kevin Singh

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